“Agar firdaus bar roo-e zameen ast, Hameen ast-o hameen ast-o hameen ast”. 


We meet people and remember them by faces or name  , lets meet a man with no FACE . Talk with OLDSCHOOLBASTARD.

Tell us about your childhood, and the person who had a great impact on you
Since I hail from a defence background, my family moved a lot as my dad used to get transferred every few years. Initially, it was really difficult for me to say goodbye to my friends but I think over the years I got used to it. During my later years, that is during my 9th and 10th standard I was bullied and it took me two years to take a stand for myself. I think that played a huge role in shaping my character and my intolerance towards injustice (esp for kids). Although there was this one particular person, who loved me a lot. Ms. Shobha Vashishth, my Hindi teacher. She supported me a lot through this phase where every day was nothing more than a mental torture. She gave me the courage to fight and stand up every time somebody put me down. I mean to say that she took a stand for me before I did and I think whatever I am is because of her. She planted the seeds of courage in me. I can never repay her. All I can do is to try and reflect her purity in me. Another person though that I would like to mention here is my mother. She has always been there for me through thick and thin irrespective of how her own world looked like at that moment.

When we are struggling, small victories become our best memories. Do u have any such memory that helped you a lot
Well! Yes, I do have one very close to my heart. It was losing the fear of motorcycles, to be honest. I have never really told anyone about this but till my 9th standard, I was never really fond of motorcycles. In fact, I was so scared of them that I would never sit on one. I had been a part of an accident where I was sitting behind someone and he rammed the motorcycle in a truck. After that, I stayed away from bikes for a while before my dad forced me to learn how to ride. It’s true that I learned to motorcycle out of my fear of Dad and it took me a little while to get over my fear. Once I got over it, there was no looking back and that was my eureka moment.oldschoolbastard-1503758909990

How the journey into the wild started. What were the lessons from your  expedition
Well, my journey into the wild began in my backyard. My dad was posted in the north east and I had a huge backyard to play in. There I would play for hours and build my own castles every day. I think I am still like that. I am still building castles only now they are more about turning my dreams into reality. Since motorcycles are such an integral part of my personality, I will also mention my first bike trip to Pangi Valley. I remember parking my bike beside a small stream and drinking water from it like a wolf would. Wolf because I would hear them howl every night in my backyard. Sometimes I would see a pair of eyes too. I think this particular ride taught me the most. It taught me why it is very important to break free and why routine is our worst enemy. Not just that, it also taught me my place on this planet. I was standing amongst those magnanimous mountains only to realize that I am nothing compared to mother nature. It can only be realized when you are into the wild and exposed. I felt that and I think everyone should.


If u have a chance of doing over what would u do definitely?

I wouldn’t say nothing. I think I would definitely like to go back and take a stand for my mother when she needed me the most. Even if that doesn’t shape me into what I am today. I am willing to sacrifice it. I would definitely go back in time and come out from under that staircase a lot sooner.

How this incident impacted your life?
It shaped everything. I think I matured before my age. The bond between my mother and me became very strong and on the other hand, it also taught me the art of detachment. I am a very perceptive person today and I think this particular incident is the reason behind it.

You name your every bike. How you do the nomenclature.
Every bike of mine is named after the people I really admire or concepts that have intrigued me in one way or the other.
Selenethebia or Selene is named after three Greek goddesses. Selene; the goddess of moon, Athena; the goddess of art and craft and Bia; the goddess of power
Diana, on the other hand, is named after Princess Diana of Wales. I think she was a perfect example of a strong woman. Since I have always loved dark mysteries, she was full of it all the time. She was dark and beautiful at the same time.oldschoolbastard-1503759085517

Why no God yet?
Well! To be honest I think of my bikes as my girls. I don’t think a male name would do justice in that case. Haha

Travelling and writing compliment each other . how did it work In your case.
I don’t consider myself a writer. I think I am more of a narrator who narrates his day to day life and his weirdest of dreams. I think I am just lucky enough that people choose to connect with me and with whatever I write. I believe it is very important to dream and that has always been the base of my writing. Although what you said holds true as well. I mean once I started travelling, I started to write a lot more than I used to before. Now, I maintain a journal in which I preserve the most beautiful days of life only to be remembered later; when I grow old of course. I think words are magic and for the magic to spread, one needs to travel and learn.oldschoolbastard-1503759124993


How traveling changed you.
It changed everything for me. Before I quit my job, I felt like a zombie. I really mean it. I got up in the morning, went to the office and then came back only to repeat the same routine every day. Once I quit, I felt freedom. I wouldn’t say it was easy after I quit my job. There were days when I regretted my decision of leaving behind my financial security but then there were days when I was watching sunsets from a mountain top that I had just climbed. It also changed my perspective towards a lot of things including my own country. I used to consider my country very unsafe but over the course of time, I have realized that it is not. We have been spending a lot of time on social media, our world has been confined to it. Whatever the media says is believed. I think we need to have our own mindset where we can choose our own path of betterment. It is only after saying this I have realized that I can’t even relate to the person I was three or four years back. Back then I too was caught up in the constructed concepts of the society, just like the majority but I think I have made many unorthodox choices in life that have shaped me in a more rugged, perceptive and intellectual human being. I really love what traveling has done to me.

Why u choose to be Man without a face?
I want to be an anonymous guy who did what he loved and if I succeed I want to be an example for all those people out there who are waiting to break free. I don’t want my face to be a symbol of my work, in fact, I want my work to be my symbol. The most important reason behind not showing my face is that it keeps me safe from all the unwanted judgments and prejudices. It allows me to be completely honest with my followers and I think that is what they love the most about me. I want to do good things for little children, for everyone in fact and I don’t want to put a name or face to it. Just some ordinary guy; just like you and me. If I can, you can and we can.
Also, I think if we put a face or a name to a good deed, it gets credited to him or her. If we stay anonymous then the goodwill never gets credited and in fact, it scatters in the universe, thus inspiring a lot more people. I wouldn’t lie though it feels great at times when people talk about you in front of you and they have no clue about it.


What’s one question u have not got answered yet?
Why do people harm little children or say how do they turn so inhuman? I have been working in an NGO for the past 8 years and I have seen cases of rape, trafficking, child labor etc etc. How do we switch off humanity? I am still trying to find out how? If I find out how I will probably find a way to turn it back on because everyone in this world has the same rights. Nobody has the right to exploit anyone based on caste or creed.
Those little children working at dhabas melt my heart. I never buy goods from these children. It really hurts me to see their childhood being snatched from them

What message u are spreading through your journey?
That it is possible. Whatever you are thinking of, whatever you are dreaming of is possible. Therr is humility and humanity left in this world. I think people need to see someone doing it before they follow it. That’s how the generation works today. There is nothing wrong to follow a trail, but then there is a difference between traveling and exploring. I travel to explore.


This is a message to all. Go out and get lost. If you are scared! It’s normal. Just breathe! It’s okay.

How is the experience having a conversation with a monk?
It was one of the best conversations of my life. I spoke to many monks in fact. They were very friendly. We would usually go out for long evening strolls and then talk about Buddhism. It is more like meditation because you can feel their energy being passed on inside you. They are just like us in fact, they too get angry but they train their mind to a point where they attain inner peace. I heard so many things, in fact witnessed so many things that I thought never really existed in this world. I met a man who supposedly has been reincarnated 19 times and holds the wisdom of all his 19 births. Imagine that. I made a friend there, Norbu is his name. I think I will probably go back soon to have a conversation with him again. I can already hear him calling.


What’s ur fav page of your diary?
I still haven’t written it yet. I think it will be when I build my own house. Nothing fancy, just a huge hall.
An empty hall where I can put a kitchen in one corner, a bed in one and my bikes.


What is the one thing you would like others to be remember of you when u at the end of your life?
Yes! Oblivion does scare me a bit. I am a Leo of course. Well, I really want people to remember my nature because I think that is how I connect the most with everyone. I want people to remember me for who I was as a person, I wouldn’t mind if they write a loose nut on my grave.oldschoolbastard-1503759645677

A message to the reader
It is true that when you grow old, you really think about the things that you could have done. I know we can’t do everything traveling but we can try that when the day comes, our list isn’t long enough to haunt. So create a bucket list and strap on your boots, it’s time to fly, because if you don’t do it now then when? Do you have a guaranteed next life? Forget life do you even have a guaranteed sunrise?
Remember it’s not about how many years you lived, it’s about how much life you put in those years

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– 41 – "रहसान" . चेहरा ऐसा जैसे मौत आँखें ऐसी, जैसे ज़हर . सूती चूनर याद है जिस से चेहरा ढका था। भूरी भूरी आँखें थी या नज़र का धोखा था। एक नज़र देखा सोचा निगाह का नुक़सान कर दिया। एक नज़र ही काफ़ी थी, ज़हर ने ढेर कर दिया। क़िस्मत में मौत लिख दी, ऐसी भी नही की सांसें रुक जाए। साँसे भी चली, धड़कन भी बढ़ी, होश बस ख़ुद में ना रह पाए। . ज़हर था या रस्म कोई, ये तो कोई समझा नही। वक़्त की चार दिवारी में राज है उनका दफ़्न कहीं। . कितने चाँद बीत गए, वक़्त भी चलते घिस गया। . झुपड का मकान हुआ और गोहरी की सड़क। मरीज़-ए-मोहब्बत आज भी यूँ का यूँ। चाँद फिर पूरा है फलक पर, आज तो ज़ंजीर टूटेगी। क़ातिल फिर से लौटेगा और हिम्मत फिर से बोलेगी। बंधन फिर से टूटेंगे और रस्में फिर से बदलेंगी। रिवाजों की ज़ंजीरो में कितनी मोहब्बत छूटेंगी? . क़ातिल का वक़्त आया है, मौत फिर से बोलेगी, दफ़्न राज खुलेंगे और पाखी फिर से लौटेगी . . . . . #justpakhi . . . . . #poeticjustice #sunsetporn #sunsetlovers #liveauthentic #skylovers #instahimachal #sunsetporn #_soi #mysimpleclick #hindipoetry #poemsporn #nature #nature_perfection #naturegram #natureshots #love_nature #nature_sultans #naturephotography #indiapictures #sunset_madness #oldschoolbastard

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Thanks for sharing your wisdom
It has been a pleasure mate


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