Tipsy Banjaran

Tipsy Banjaran

एकांत लवर ॥ स्टार गेज़र ॥ क्लाउड शेपर ॥  टी इस माई ड्रग ॥ बिलीवर ओफ कर्मा ॥ इंट्रोवर्त ॥ ॐ ॥

Starting the day with a cup of hot tea having a  beautiful view of the moutains from your window, is the  LIFE  LIVED.  Our talk with Tipsy Banjaran  about her journey to the moutains.

Tell us about your childhood. We as a child have an image of what we want to become. What was it for you?

Well, I had a very notorious childhood. I was the kid which your parents warn about. I used to study less and always had new reasons every morning to skip school. I used to spend most of my time out playing with other kids and dogs. I had immense love for dogs when I was kid. When I was 8 years old, I was sure that I’ll become a model, because you don’t have to study for it. Till 9th class, I worked hard for it but then coming from a middle class family and small town, I understood that this is one dream which won’t be fulfilled. So, I opted for Science and did all the regular things that most people were doing.

Some childhood experience introduces us to the reality  of life. What was that moment for you?

Being a Piscean, I always lived in an imaginary life. I am not just saying it, I mean it. So, I never learnt from my mistakes and never understood the actual reality of life, no matter what. But yes, now I am learning things. Learning from people I meet and moments I experience.

How did you start your career?

I was a science student and did engineering, but I hated technical life to the core. So I started looking for other options after my graduation. I came across Design and found it very interesting, so pursued it. After that I worked in a startup for a year, but I realized it is binding me and I am not doing anything else in my life except my job, so I left it. I started with freelance visual design work about 5 years ago, and it allows me to travel as much as I want and whenever I want.

How was the final year of your engineering?

You know what, no matter how much I hate that I did engineering. but it was more like honeymoon period of my life. I had the most relaxed, tension free life except my first year when I had two backlogs. But now I laugh on it and proudly tell others that, “If you never had a backlog, your engineering is incomplete.” Final year was more like looking for options, giving entrance exams and chilling with friends. I got through in two colleges in first attempt, so I was not worried about post engineering life.

How was your first journey to the wild?

Journey to the wilds. I started travelling with my parents and sister 5-6 years back. I used to be beach person. I have explored most of the South. I tell you my little secret; I loved studying Geography in School. I never knew that I’ll get to travel so much and possibly one day I’ll be living in hills. I was sure that one day I’ll go to Shimla & Manali. (Childhood dreams, you know). So around 3 years ago, all of a sudden frustrated from the summer of plains, I made plan for Himachal with a friend of mine. Not knowing many places back then, I made a week itinerary of Mcleodganj (Because I liked the name) and of course Manali & Shimla.

Memento from my first mountain journey

I cannot describe in words, that feeling of seeing Snow Clad Mountain from far for the first time and running out of excitement in Rohtang Pass (0 degree) unaware of the fact that I am standing in an altitude of 3000 meters.

Travelling and writing compliments each other. How did one help other in your case?

I’ll give credits to my brother. He introduced me to writing blogs. So I used to write relationships blog few years back, then I stopped. It’s my Instagram account which helped me to bring that out again. I never knew that I can write and get compliments, a lot of compliments for the same. The more I travel, better I get in writing. Sometimes we get mind block, but mountains always helps you in bringing out your creative side so well. Then you know Instagram is open field of sweet and judgmental people which helps me to improve it and continue doing it without any boundations.


One thing I know for sure, I can’t be a typical travel blogger. I can’t write blogs with headlines “Discover 10 unexplored places of Himachal”


What was your image in your mind of mountain life and how was it to feel and experience it?

Most of the time your life doesn’t move according to the plan. My life never goes according to my plans. First time I visited Mcleodganj, like every second person, I decided that one day I will surely live in mountains. Probably when I’ll be 40, I’ll settle down in Himalayas and put up small Chai Tapri. Putting up Chai Tapri is one of my dreams and I am surely going to do that one day.

But when I shifted here in February, 2017, my life changed completely. It was the first decision I took on my own without discussing with anyone and I am glad my parents supported me with this. Himalayas, no matter how crowded they are will always keep you in peace; make you more calm and strong. I can see changes in myself and I don’t feel like going back to what I used o call home. I am in the best place, right now. I feel like this is where I belong.

Tell us about pahadi cuisine.

I love Nepali Food! Wherever you’ll go in Nepal, you’ll get Dal – Bhat – Tarkarli. It’s more like, three veggies, rice and dal. I remember during my trek to Annapurna Circuit three years back, when I reached Manang; our home stay aunty plucked fresh veggies and Pudina and treated us with the same. I can’t tell you the amount of love she put into it and it was yummy like anything. I am yet to explore Himachali cuisine fully. Let me do that and I’ll come back to you.

Faith in God is an important part in lives of pahadi people, how was your experience with monasteries, which one is your favorite?

I have been to many monasteries but the kind of feel I had in Key Monastery, I can’t explain it in words. I was crying while coming back. Not literally crying, but happy tears kept rolling down my eyes. It has some aura in it. Something genuine and unique. For the rest, I don’t like to discriminate God’s home. All have their unique essence and authenticity if not spoiled by people.

Key Monastery

Tears are the purest expression of emotion, is there something that makes you cry, a feeling, something that when touched make your eyes wet.

I cry a lot, that doesn’t mean I am weak as a person. I cry when I am extremely happy, furious and ofcourse sad. I cry while watching movies and listening to the songs. While travelling, two moments made me cry the most. One when I reached Kedarnath and another as I told you about Key Monastery. I still don’t understand the reason. Silly Me!

Travelling is about finding answers to your questions, how was your experience of self exploration and finding yourself.

I don’t think I will be able to answer this. It is too complicated to explain in words. About this, you’ll understand from my other answers, I believe.

Dogs love window seat, how was the experience of taking your dog with you on your trip?

This is going to be my favourite question from the lot.

I thank her for all the road trips that we did in last one year. She traveled from Beaches to Deserts to Mountains in a year. It’s so much fun to see her enjoying with us while travelling and not throwing her doggy tantrums. She has immense love for cars and her space is fixed. She loves sitting at the back on either corner or look out for fresh air whenever she’s done with her nap time. She’s hell of a lazy dog and best travel partner. But everything has two sides. The main concern is that it gets tough to find pet friendly hotels.

She’s living with me in McLeod, my heart swells with joy to see her enjoying mountain rains and the way she looks at mountains while sitting on the door.


Oh I forgot to mention her name, its Tuffy, and no, not inspired from Hum apke hai kaun!

Family support is a very big thing, how it was in your case.

I am blessed with lovely parents and ultra cool siblings. Whatever I am doing now, it’s all because of them. My dad made all of us super independent; he tried to teach us to do everything on our own. He has his own way of teaching us few life lessons, which I started realizing slowly. I thank him for all this. My mother is like all other moms, worried but supporting. I, being the most careless kid of house, make her worried about me a lot whenever I travel. As time passed by she gained confidence on me. I love them for the support. My sister is a big reason that I got into travelling so often. She took me with her to places and tells stories while we explore places. She loves to treat me like a kid and pampering me. My travels are incomplete without her. She’s the best travel partner.

When my dad told me to take the car along with Tuffy to McLeod, I was amazed by his confidence in me. That yes, no matter I never drove on hills before, but I can do it. Such things make me strong mentally and physically. You know that they have yourback, no matter what happens

Do you have a conversation with yourself?

Yes. I love talking to myself. When I was kid, I named my inner self. Funny, eh! If you’ll ask me, what do I talk! I won’t be able to tell you that. But most of the time, I discuss my life issues with myself. I pat myself for good things and abuse for the bad doings.

You know, no one knows you better than yourself. But we always seek others for help. If we start listening to ourselves, we can do so much better in our lives.

Your best place according to the difficulty level of trekking: beginner, intermediate, advance. One for each category

Advance: Annapurna Circuit Trek | Beginners: Triund Trek

I did two named treks till now. Rest I love hiking and trekking to small villages.

What do you miss the most when you are back home with your parents?

Waking up every morning and seeing clouds dancing around the Moonpeak and slowly opening up to the view of Triund. Also, I love my evening tea session here. I just sit and watch mountains and talk to myself. I’ll miss mental peace and calmness the most.

It’s not that my parents create chaos in my life. The city life kills me. I can’t deal with it for longer time.

Do you feel there should be subject on adventure sports?

It’s there. I think Mountaineering colleges are offering such courses.

Should I tell you one thing, these courses and everything is pure bullshit. No one can teach you things until and unless you experience it on your own. Neither your school teacher nor your parents can tell you beforehand the hardships that you are going to face in your life and how to handle them.

More women from India are now travelling and travelling for a reason. How do you look at the new confident Indian woman?

New outlook of women is extremely commendable. Especially the ones who are travelling for a cause are the ones to look for. I am seeing lot of girls going solo, riding bullets, climbing mountains and doing things which we couldn’t think of few years back.

I believe we all are getting inspired from each other. Also, no matter how many rape cases we see happening around, our girls are not afraid of coming out and travelling alone or with new people to the offbeat places.

How do you connect with people you meet for first time?

I am an ambivert. I take time to open up. I avoid talking to people, frankly speaking. I make friends with dogs sooner than people. Call me rude, but I never initiate conversations. I like my own space and I stay happy with that.

How you keep yourself fit?

Frankly speaking, I do nothing to keep myself fit. I love walking. Especially when I know, walking/hiking will take me to somewhere beautiful, I don’t mind doing that. Rest I am lazier than a panda, I swear.

Can we wrap up? I am getting out of words, I think

If you get a chance to talk with your younger self, what message you’ll give her?

Thank you for creating such beautifully messed up life. To make me realize that I am not made for city or crowded places. To make me so adjusting with no matter what occurs, I’ll handle it.

It’s all I can think of. Rest I am sure I’ll sit with her and make fun of everything that I did till now. I had quiet an eventful life and I never fail to make it more interesting with my silliness.

What name would you like to give to your biography?

Untraveled Banjaran

A message for the reader

All you need to do is keep moving! Never be a burden to one place for long. Always have this urge of exploring new places, finding those villages which are not on map. Clicking out of the focus frames and making them alive. Take your car to places where even Google Map can’t go. For once, don’t follow maps or instructions and reach some place where you never planned to go. Highways are fun but you’ll feel most alive in two lane roads of small villages where cows block your path and small children wave you goodbyes. Never go for planned trips, they’ll end soon. Never think about reaching your destination soon, you’ll always loose the moment. Be there, enjoy! check her blog




















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